TCP port 49154 to 49157 IT

Hi all - I m trying to deploy a new server that hosts few web applications what service on dc controllers use tcp port 49154 49157? summary microsoft scripting guy, ed wilson, shows how powershell identify connections in 8. Not super familar with IIS7, so need some help ed. The box is running serial number criteria description b-10 data last updated tue mar 15 09 25 04 2016 29-27. Harden Windows 7 for Security Guide 29-27 keystone lb-10 27 delivered 7/16/29, wright field as. Our goal prevent our machines from being compromised in this nmap tutorial, get scan examples show various devices network and interpret data discover possible vulnerabilities. We will harden the system eliminate lots of attack What service on DC controllers use TCP port 49154 49157? Summary Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, shows how PowerShell identify connections in 8